Thursday, July 7, 2011

..Flowers among flowers..

Assalamualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera.. (^_~)v

Few days ago Fatin went for a flower-walk at the TNU (Tvaricheski University) Botanical Garden. I went with Bhavani, Thamarai, Sai Ganesh and his lovely mother.

Been planning on going to this botanical garden for such a long time. But then there will be something will come in between. Luckily this time we finally made it. 

The garden is awesome with all the roses and all other beautiful flowers! Sampaikan jadi tamak tak tahu where to start to take pics! haha. 

Sai Ganesh & His lovely mother.
 Selain dari bersyukur dapat pergi (at last!), sgt bersyukur juga cuaca sangat baik dan cantik! We did remember a week ago, we get ready and just about to step out from our rooms, suddenly it went raining. huhu. Waited until noon, lastly we canceled the plan. 

all 5 of us!
 Actually Sai and his mom just get back to Simferopol the night before. Last minute plan and on the spot decide to go. hahaha. I guess nowadays, last minute plan is better rather than planning early! lol.

what's the time now?
 Lavender is my fav flowers. huhu. the smell..ohh my.. breath taking~ u can smell it from far away! Really looking forward to get this lavenders and bring back home! kering kan dan bau pun kekal lama. huhu.

These are few shots of the flowers there. nice huh. Simferopol memang fotogenik betul! hehe. 

 Actually this is the 2nd time I've been here. Last time it was with Mr.Lugin. I think it was around 4 years ago. Let us see do I have the pics again back to that time..

wow..these really bring back all the memories.. huhu.. this time it was still cold, at the end of winter.. on women's day 2007. without flowers.. but can u see how "the other flowers" there blooming? hehe.. wow.. hmm.. gonna miss all these moments.. sobs~ 

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