Saturday, February 12, 2011


12 February 2011 - Saturday - 12.15pm
Assalamualaikum wbt & Salam sejahtera :)

Hari Sabtu dah. Masa berjalan agak pantas tp juga lambat at the same time..
Really not that into blogging today, banyak nak kena study, rabu exam. Hmm.. emo. I hate exams. ntahlah. 

Have you guys ever felt scared of doing anything? if..everything? To talk, to speak, to move, to show, to appear..or even to think? Is this normal? Why there's such a period in our life? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

..To my BOYS..

This song.. I've been saving for like..few months? Hmm.. never had the courage to post it.
Hari2 pun dengar lagu ni gi kelas, sampai kelas terus emo. haha. last2, terus aku format mp3 aku. puas hati.

Dedicated to the boys of my boys..Even tho I'm sure they are not going to view this now. heh..