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..Mini Hammam!..

15 Januari 2012
Assalamualaikum & Salam sejahtera (^_^)v

Holaaa! Taraaaa~ Presenting Mini-Hamam in the house! Hehe.. U guys might be asking what's mini hammam~ Well, let me find the definition first.. (personally, I'm bad at definitions...)

"A Turkish bath (Turkish: Hamam) is the Turkish variant of a steam bath, sauna or Russian Bath, distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam."

Ehem2.. This is what happened when you stayed too long at one place. Hehe.. Anyway, this hammam was being introduced to me by my Makngah and my cousin, Kak Liyana. They both seems to be the second person who bought this thing. So guess who's the 1st person? My Maklong! Hehe.
So the story begins.. Last week, post-night shift, me and Acu drop by at makngah's house for a lil free sauna treatment. And starting from there.. Ends up with a mini hammam at my place now~
Lepas buat sauna ni, whole day balik keja malam tak tido langsung. Bangun esok paginya 5am sharp, rasa ringan je badan.. bulat je mata. Gi keje pun rasa best je~ hehe..

Actually last 2 years, me and my beloved mama did stop by somewhere in Bukit Jambul and asked about this thingy. That time it was RM300++.. But this time, because it's cheaper, got it for RM199, so I didn't hesitate to get one. Haha..
"In Western Europe, the 'Turkish bath' as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek andancient Roman bathing practices."

Perghh~ Terbaik kan? Cleansing bath! Hahaha.. mengeluarkan daki2 tersembunyi (ops!) :P Actually I'm used to this hammam since I was back in ukraine. (haihh..rindu plak zaman gila sauna di ukraine~) Whoever read my blog since last time would have notice about my posting regarding sauna and hammam. So that's why I am so excited to have it in my room! hehe.. Beli2 terus guna! punya tak saba. haha..
After 2 sets of steam-bath, it's tea time!

Teh bunga - my favourite! Semangat tak? Siap beli bunga kuntum2 lagi buat sendirik.. Haha.. Inilah kerja sampingan saya skrg~ weeee...
Anyway, people been asking me about the benefits of this Hammam.. Hmm, some sites did mention about weight loss.. some didn't.. But as I am concerned, it does give effects similar to sauna.. So might have been for weight loss somewhere~ But whatever it is.. I feel relax and refreshing after my mini hammam.. Pheww~ 15-30mins/day.. tak susah kot? hehe.. 
Ada sebab kenapa beli2 terus buat.. Tengoklah lunch makan cemana...

Hell yeah I'm truly expecting this hammam to have a weight lost effect! *deng!*

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