Monday, February 9, 2009

~ This Imperfect Gurl ~

i am not a perfect girl..
a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student.. a girl not yet a woman..
i am loving n caring, shy and frenly, careless and careful, broken and whole, confident and scared, terrified and excited..determined but scared.
i am always misunderstood..
i pray to god and cry my tears.
i laugh on the outside but dying & breaking down on the inside..
i listen to others, but nobody listen to me.
i walk on fire and thorns..
i want to love and to be loved..
i am everything and nothing..
but this imperfect girl is trying to love perfectly..

6 feedbacks:

uncle^dean said...

owh....sapa sakap x der yg faham adik..???
pokcik faham aper..heheeh..

wh0se said...

Nobody is perfect...but thankz to god that make ur become perfect...

Anonymous said...

'i walk on fire and thorns..'

biar betul fatin ni
dasat tu jalan atas api...
apa pun fatin, adan telah diTAGGED!
sila check entri 'snow on the sahara'

suezensuzanna said...

nobody's perfect...

Fatin said...

nobody's perfect..
but too little of us are aware of that..

Anonymous said...

pokcik sememangnya paham sentiasa...hehehehe

takder yang perfect ...

even rasul sendiri pun ader wat silap...