Sunday, January 9, 2011

..New Year 2011 & Anniversary..

9 January 2011 - Sunday - 10.30am
Assalamualaikum wbt and Greetings to all :)

Morning fellow friends :) Kinda late to wish happy new year to all of you? My apology, been busy with holidays, haha! Can that be accepted? Come on! Gimme some time to rest (eceyh2) :P

Anyway, I know it's kinda 9 days late.. Ok, Happy belated new year then to all my beloved friends and blog readers! 

Plus, it's my blog anniversary too! Happy 3rd Anniversary "Bila Fatin Menulis" :D Ohh so proud of my blog, wakakaka! Insane! :P

Above pic was taken on the New Year's Eve @ Lviv, Ukraine. Not really a sharp pic tho but it will do it :D Can see the joyful smile? Haha! But I love the pics that I took! Pics of my darlings who are with me, welcoming 2011 :D

Taraaa~ Happy New Year girls!
 Ohh I love this pic a lot! See, not so bad for an amateur photographer huh? Haha! One more one more!
New year peace! :)
This year's going to be so much fun, I'm sure of it. Why? Well, this year's going to be the year which going to witness the 2 important period of my life - study life and working life! Hahaha.. Will be finishing studies by July 2011 Insyaallah.. and will be starting to work by...errr..wait let me see.. by October I guess? fuh2.. Scary huh? thinking about the final "Krok" test on May 2011. Hoho.. 

Hopefully this year I'll pass my finals and put and end to this longggggggggggggg and tiring study life! And start working at a place which is best for me and my future, Ameen~ :) Ohh.. Not going to comment anything about the age ok? hahahaha..

Ohh yeah..almost forgot.. I should be sharing my Winter Holiday stories with you guys. Hmm..let me think.. After my Pediatrics Exam maybe? Ohh.. Shouldn't I be preparing for my exam day after tomorrow? Yeah..yeah.. 

See you guys on my next entry! Make sure that everyday of your life is the best day in the year! :)

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